Swedish Executive Bliss

19 06 2009

27,000 mile Volvo, 8 Airbags, $13,500.

2005 Volvo S80 2.5T.  27,000 miles, $13,500.

This car has:
Traction control, stability control, a steel cage,
an extra battery, ABS, GPS, ATD and 8 airbags.
(So if you ever have a problem Tim, it’s probably your own fault.)

The sellers were in tears.  The buyers, well, see bellow….

Mr and Mrs Irwin Sidman extolling the Volvo’s virtues to Tim the buyer.
Dr Ron says:  "This is beginning to feel like Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house.
Give them the check, take the car, and let’s get out of here!!!".

Grandma’s Honda CR-V

21 01 2009

Only driven to Grocery store.

2003 Honda CR-V $12,500, 24,640 miles.

Original Owner – Non smoker – extremely low mileage.
The car was purchased new back in 2003. It is my Mom’s CR-V.
It has so few miles because she only drove it from her house to the grocer store.
The condition is excellent.
It has never been in an accident;
-although 6 years ago someone hit it in a parking lot and scratched and dented the side
-I had the damaged repaired.
My Mom turns 80 this year and it is no longer safe for to drive,
this is also the reason I am selling it for her.

Great Grandma’s Great Honda

21 01 2009

How hard does a ninety year old drive a car?

2005 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan $12,000, 39,000 miles.

This was my mother’s car. She bought it new in Florida.
I have the window sticker and the purchase invoice.
She kept receipts for EVERYTHING!. Including her car.
She died in May so we’re looking to sell it.
You can only drive (and pay insurance on ) so many cars.
She went to the honda dealer for everything. Oil changes.
Transmission flush, you name it. All the receipts are in the glove box.
The title is clear, changed into my name a month or so ago .
I just got it in the mail 2 weeks ago.
The car is in excellent condition. No accidents or repairs since purchased.
Driver airbag, Anti-Lock brakes, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels, Cruise control,
CD changer, Passenger air bag, Rear window defroster, Heated seats,
Leather seats, Power door locks, Power mirrors, Power windows, Power steering,
Power seats.

Hi Ron,
Yes, we got the car – love it – already drove it to Boston and back. Thank
you! Will make another paypal payment to you tomorrow"

51MPG Toyota Prius Hybrid

19 01 2009

Green, Green, Green!

2004 Toyota Prius premium package, 24,000 miles, $12,750

This is a one owner dealer maintained garaged Prius.
It is barely broken in with less than 24000 miles.
Included rear air bags, stabilizer and smart key function(keyless start and door unlock).
The car is turn key.
My 84 year old mother is sold the car because she was buying a new one.
All hybrid components are still warrantied. 8 year, 100,000 miles.
Rust and drivetrain warrantied until August 1.

Grandma Moved Back to Japan – Left Scion xA.

19 01 2009

11,000 Grandma Miles on Cool Gen X Scion.

2006 Scion xA with iPod jack and warranty.  11,000 miles, $8,900.

"Hello Ron,

My mother (68 yrs old) bought the car new in 2006, but she never liked
driving, so she didn’t accumulate a lot of mileage. She moved back to
her home country to retire, this spring and left the car to us to
sell. She really wanted us to buy the car off of her, but we already
have 4 cars, so we don’t need another car. We only put it on the
market now because it took forever for CT DMV to transfer the title
to us. We use it here and there whenever one of our cars in service or
what not, but it’s mostly in the garage. The car is like brand new
without exaggeration. It’s in perfect condition. I don’t think you can
find another used car that is as new as this one for this price.


Grandma’s Toyota Corolla With Only 15,000 miles

19 01 2009

$6,600 Garaged since new

2003 Toyota Corolla LE.  15,500 miles, $6600.

Automatic, A/C, Power everything. 37 MPG from the 4 cylinder motor.
"My aunt’s neurologist at the nursing home said she should stop driving,
since she bumped into the building twice last month."
Peter and Tara needed a small reliable automatic to rack up lots of miles in CT & MA. 
This Toyota fit the bill.

Pennsylvannia Grandma’s Subaru Forester

18 01 2009

20,000 Miles, Factory Warranty, Giant Moonroof. $15,500.

2006 AWD Subaru Forester 2.5 X Premium 20,000 miles.
Huge Moon Roof, Heated Seats, Climate Control, CD Changer, etc…
The seller was a little old lady from Harrisburg PA
The buyer (see photo) is in Vet School. 
The Forester’s load capacity is about 1000 lbs,
so Daniela will be able to carry sheep, goats, hogs, and calves. 
Dr. Ron says “Sorry – no Bulls or Heiffers.”

Grandpa’s Subaru Driven 4,000 Miles Per Year

14 01 2009

45,000 miles, AWD, $6,300.


The car lived in the 80 year old gentlemen’s garage.
How do we know his age?  His DOB was printed on the CT title.
The point here is that this Subaru is fully depreciated, but has barely been used.  And 80 year olds drive gently.
Dr. Ron and his client (the buyer) Dr. Steve got under the car on their backs with a flashlight.  The underbody looked new….

Bio Diesel Big Foot?

13 01 2009

30,000 miles, 4×4 Dodge 2500, $21,300.


This was a $40,000 truck with a custom exhaust and a full electronics warranty,
but it was bought with 30,000 miles for only $21,300.
It gets almost double the MPG of a comparable gas truck,
and it can tow six thousand pounds more.
The seller was a meticulous original owner from rural CT.

*** Dr. Ron has learned something from the buyer: 
Gary runs the truck on 100% Connecticut bio-diesel with no conversion necessary. 
That means no imported oil!!! ***

Eight Passenger Towing Beast for $5,990.

13 01 2009

They don’t build them like this any more.

2001 Chevy Suburban 1500 LS 4×4. 
New brakes, 4 new snow tires, and 5 good all seasons
On Star, Tow package, and 3-way rear liftgate.
The rear A/C even has its own compressor. 
Very Good Condition inside and out.  106,000 miles, $5,990.

The seller’s name was Pichard, and the buyer’s name was Picard…
This business is getting weird.

Incredible Minivan Value

5 01 2009

Ford with 43,000 Grandpa miles for $4,250


Two sliding doors and rear A/C.  Dual Airbags and Anti Lock Brakes.
OK, It’s not a Honda or a Toyota, but it didn’t cost $18,000 either.

Grandpa’s 8 Passenger Cruise Mobile

3 01 2009

Leather, 3 rows of seats, 42,000 miles, $6,500.

2000 Mercury Sable LS Premium 8 passenger wagon.  42,000 miles, $6,500.
Leather, 3 rows of seats, modern 24 valve V6, and power everything.
The paint and leather on this car were like new.

 Colleen and her sister in law needed an economical, reliable car
with 3 rows of seats for their 5 kids. Grandpa’s wagon fit the bill.

Grandpa’s Florida Nissan

3 01 2009

Only 68,000 miles on ten year old car.

2000 Nissan Maxima GLE, 68,000 miles, $6,000.

Dr Ron’s client needed a car for his mother down in Florida,
so we found this cool senior citizen’s Nissan Maxima.
"One Senior’s trash is another’s treasure"

"Dear Ron,
My 94-year-old mother in Florida had an old Volvo 850
that her aides have used to get her to doctor appts and shopping. 
It has effectively died. 
So we have to make a decision about whether to replace it or not. 
If not, then she has to take taxis to physicians
(cabs are expensive down there)
and we impose on the aides to use their own cars on occasions. 
If we buy a used vehicle, we don’t want to spend much since she may live for years
(her sister died at 103) and should not outlive her money. 
Repair on the Volvo would have run to $7000, obviously not the way to go. 
Can you search for cars in Florida? 
My brother will be there for an already scheduled visit on Nov 6,
so he could buy it when he arrives. 
We aren’t looking for luxury, just reliability. 
Maybe a Toyota or Honda.
My Accord is doing fine, and Daniela’s Forester has had no problems.

"Hello, Ron –

Here’s a little history which should answer the questions you asked.
I’m in my 70′s, my daughter (who moved to Florida)
and I jointly bought a home in West Boca in late 2007.
This car has a clean Carfax, it’s never been in an accident
or needed any body repair except I had the dull headlight covers re-finished. 

I recently moved in MA to a condo. 
I have two cars, so I’m bringing one — a 2005 Mini with 26,000 miles — to FL,
which is why I’m selling the Nissan.
The car is maintained in a garage in W. Boca. 
I was in FL last week and was hoping to sell it, but it didn’t happen. 
Now I’m back in MA.

I can possibly have my daughter show it to you, but
I’d like to know more about you
and get a better sense of your interest level before I ask her to do that. 
Please tell me where you live and what you do.

I’ve attached a few pictures.





Grandpa’s Buick

1 01 2009

38,000 miles, 30 mpg, $4,700.

2001 BUICK CENTURY LTD.  Leather, Climate Control and Traction Control.  Seats six.

Driven by Grandpa in California for 8 years.
When I called about this car,
the seller in Boston told me that her elderly father
had just shipped it East from California so he could live closer to the family. 
But when she saw him drive, she realized it was time to ask for the keys. 

The new owner, Sam said: "We are loving the car. Thanks Dr. Ron.  You rock!" 

17,000 Mile Hyundai for $4,550

1 01 2008

2005 Hyundai Economy with a warranty.

2005 Hyundai Elantra GLS 4 Door with SIDE AIRBAGS and a TEN YEAR/100k mile Warranty.

Dr. Ron says that all those airbags and the warranty are probably worth $3,000 on their own, so that means we got the rest of the car for $1,500!!!????

Steve says: "Best $500 I ever spent. We got the best used car in the Northeast!"

78,000 Mile Toyota Echo for $3,800.

23 08 2006

Grandma’s car gets 40 MPG

2000 Toyota Echo, 77,000 miles $3,800.

"Hello Ron,

The car was purchased new for my wife & then we sold it to my mother in 2001.
No liens and we have the title.
She had installed snow tires in 2005 & used them year round, they are worn.
I purchased new Pirrelli tires from the Tire Rack yesterday
and will install them on Wednesday.
My mother had the brakes done this summer, rotors, pads, drums and shoes.
I changed the oil for her at 3000 mile intervals and have records.
We have the window sticker and all manuals.
The car runs great but the snow tires are a detraction, noisy and worn. 

Toyota Camry for $3,800

23 08 2006

Garaged, One Owner, Meticulous Car.  71,000 miles.

1995 Toyota Camry LE  71,000 Miles.  $3,800

The sellers were two recently retired senior citizens.
He was a CPA and she was an English teacher.
The CPA had the oil changed every 3,000 miles, and
Waxed the car several times a year.
The buyers Pamela and Amelia said: “Thanks for your help with the car.
It’s just what we needed, and our other Camry has 224,000 miles on it.”